April 2017



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Apr. 1st, 2017



Feb. 28th, 2012

Archie huddled closer to Horatio as they spoke in hushed tones about what could be done. Sneaking to a store room with Horatio was nothing new, but Buckland was present, which rather killed the mood. He would find that funny if the situation weren't so dire.

But they had to do something. Captain Sawyer was unbalanced, and the closer they got to action the more worrying that was. The men were undisciplined and at least half-drunk most of the time; poor Wellard was terrorised and Horatio - God, the way the Captain treated Horatio made his blood boil. Everything on this ship made his blood boil. And it had been even worse since Bush arrived. He still didn't know where the man stood. He seemed a sensible man, so Archie didn't think he could actually put any faith in Sawyer's leadership. But he couldn't be sure. And until he was sure, he couldn't shake the fear that he would betray them to the Captain.

At least now they were doing something about Sawyer. Yes, it was dangerous and mad and they could all hang, but they couldn't just sit around and do nothing.

Feb. 13th, 2012

Archie stumbled down the steps of the pub, laughing lightly. He was drunk. Very drunk, drunker than he had been in a long time. But he didn't care. Everything was wonderful. He was a lieutenant. He was going to the Renown - to serve under Captain Sawyer. And most importantly, so was Horatio. They wouldn't be separated.

His grin widened, and he glanced around. Where was he, actually? 

"Horatio?" he slurred, turning around unsteadily. 

Feb. 6th, 2012

Archie's fingers flexed around his tankard. It was that or reach out to take Horatio's hand. And he couldn't. Given the time it had taken them to eat breakfast, they thought it would be wise if they ventured down to the inn for supper. Even though it had required dressing.

But now that they were here, Archie was finding it almost impossible to act as if nothing had changed. As if they were just two midshipmen, settling into an inn for a night of revelry on leave. Not when every time he looked in Horatio's direction he was reminded of something else they had done earlier that day. Like his hand. Archie knew how it felt to have that hand slide over his skin, to have those fingers wrapped around his cock-

He raised his drink to his lips, glancing around. Where the devil was the food? The sooner they ate the sooner they could retire.